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Florida State Animal Response Coalition (FLSARC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was formed by many diverse groups of highly qualified animal responders dedicated to saving, protecting, and caring for companion animals and their families during natural and manmade disasters. When a hurricane, fire, tornado or other disaster threatens the state of Florida, we will be there to assist with teams of trained volunteers.

In a post Hurricane Katrina survey, when victims asked why they refused to evacuate, 47% responded they did not leave because of their pets. This becomes more alarming when you realize that approximately 2 out of every 3 U.S. households have companion animals and nearly half of pet parents have multiple animals sharing their homes.

Many emergency shelters that accept humans will not allow pets. No animal should be left behind. With your help we can keep the entire family safe from harm. With your help we can provide shelter from the storm. With your help, we can keep families together. Because we know the ENTIRE family matters.

FLSARC teaches and deploys skilled volunteers throughout the state of Florida. Working with the State Agriculture Response Team, our volunteers have deployed to numerous counties during recent disasters like hurricane Irma. They have assisted Florida counties when their local animal care resources are overwhelmed during animal-related epidemics, pet friendly emergency shelters, and floods. To maintain the most advanced skills and techniques, our team also deploys with national organizations to rescue and care for animals involved with severe animal hoarding, unlicensed puppy mills, and criminal animal fighting.

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