Who We Are

Mission Statement:
The Florida State Animal Response Coalition
(Fl-SARC) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to all-hazard disaster preparation, planning, training, response and recovery during animal emergencies. Fl-SARC is organized under the auspices of Florida state and local emergency management agencies utilizing the principles of The Incident Command System (ICS)

The Florida State Animal Response Coalition brings together various groups and individuals working within the state of Florida to plan for and assist animals impacted by disasters. Coalition members have the combined knowledge and skills gained over many years of experience responding to both natural and man-made disasters. Pooling that experience, knowledge and talent has created a preeminent team of professional disaster animal responders.

By unifying these groups and individuals within the coalition we are able to effectively respond to protect the entire family in their time of need.

Joining forces and working together allows our coalition to standardize trainings, bring volunteers together within one database, and organize resources and equipment available to assist in a unified response.

Standardized trainings assure that each individual responder has the training required to become a professional Animal Disaster Responder. When they are called upon to assist, you can be confident that our volunteers have completed a set of trainings that exceed the national standard. They know their job, they understand how to protect their entire family, their team members, themselves and the animals they care for during disasters.

Bringing volunteers together under one centralized database ensures a more effective response. We use a state-of-the-art volunteer management program to track and manage our volunteers. Our volunteers are able to quickly access their individual profiles to update their completed trainings and requirements, vaccinations, contact information, schedule times when they are available to assist and even maintain a list of jobs they prefer to do when responding. Our volunteer coordinators are able to instantly access that information to alert volunteers to an upcoming response, remind them of training requirements that need attention, alert them to upcoming training opportunities, mock disaster drills and more. Our volunteer information is maintained offsite in a secure, protected database. In the event of a major hurricane, wildfire or other natural disaster we can assure your information is available at a moment's notice when animals are in need of assistance.

Organizing a multitude of equipment, trucks, trailers, generators, cages, leashes and supplies required to respond during a disaster and then getting all that equipment moved to the where it's needed is a monumental task. Where is it? How will it get there? Our coalition partners, working with individuals, groups and the State of Florida are disaster logistics specialists. They are trained and ready to move valuable resources to where they are needed.

Should the assistance of additional animal response groups be needed, they can be requested and will work under a Florida SARC management team to assure that Florida's animals are protected and that families stay together or can be quickly reunited.

Florida State Animal Response Coalition..because the ENTIRE family matters!

"Help us protect the entire family, please donate today."

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